Leading Vaporizer Brands

Leading Vaporizer Brands

The best Portable vaporizers are created with the purpose of making the consumption of cannabis healthier and discretely. Vapor does not have negative effects on your lungs as compared to the tars and carcinogens that are emitted by smoke. Furthermore, the scent of vapor doesn’t spread as far as that of smoke. The current vaporizers are very easy to handle and smoke publicly without getting attention. There are various types of portable vaporizers including ones intended for dry herbs, concentrates and pre-filled THC cartridges. Nevertheless, some are superior to others. It’s also important to note that the best vape pens rely upon your own needs. If you place the terps on deck, you’ll need something that will make good use of your oil. If you don’t have enough money, you’ll need something more reasonable yet powerful. We’ve assembled a list of some the best vape pens of this year. We have analyzed their pros and their cons to enable you to locate the best vape pen for your needs.


Dr. Dabber Aurora

Dr. Dabber is known to be one of the best suppliers of compact vaporizer technology since it came into the business. Their vaporizers are known for their light up logo and their matte dark outline. The Dr. Dabber Aurora is amongst the top vape pens when it comes to the smoothness. Every time you take a hit with this vape pen, it gives you a smooth vapor quality and it is also convenient enough to fit into your pocket. It has a ceramic mouthpiece and it is also made up of three atomizers, all fixed with quartz cups in order to provide you with the highest vapor preservation.

Cost: $99.95


Advantages: The atomizer, battery, and mouthpiece are linked to each other by strong magnets to prevent waxy threads that end up difficult to unscrew. Dr. Dabber found a few different ways to provide a convenient dabbing experience for everyone. Its charging port has a space for holding the upper part of your pen upright while the battery stays down for a charge. It also has low-heat technology that stops your oils from heating to fast which can lead to a loss of flavor.

Disadvantages: The main disadvantage is that you won’t be exhaling big clouds of vapor. If you want huge clouds then you have to take longer draws. It is preferable to use this pen on tasteful extracts and not chucking clouds.

Why We Like It: It has a Smooth and discrete design that delivers low-temperature dabs that are with great airflow.


Kandypens Prism+

Kandypens has varying vapor items for fluids and concentrates. Their main concentrate vaporizer is the Prism+ which comes with a dark velvet defensive pouch, atomizers and dab tool. It is also made up of a heating chamber that comes with a ceramic dish and another with titanium coils folded over two quartz rods. You can easily switch between the two depending on how you feel, for example, you might choose flavor or intensity.

Cost: $127.99


Advantages: The Kandypens is a very portable concentrate vaporizer which comes with a ceramic mouthpiece. With this vaporizer, you do not have to stress your lungs to get a huge amount of vapor. The double quartz atomizer produces large clouds of vapor with a slight trade-off in flavor. Together with the ceramic chamber, the PRISM+ turns into the best coilless wax vaporizer in its price range. It is easier to get smoother hits when you inhale and it does not emit unwanted heat and taste that come from atomizers with metal wires.

Disadvantages: Fragile glass mouthpiece that comes with the Kandypens will probably break if dropped. The cost of substituting coils is expensive.

Why We Like It: The Kandypens is one of the most productive concentrate vaporizers in the market value and it comes at an affordable price.


Puffco Plus

Puffco produced one of the main premium vape pens for marijuana concentrates a few years back. Actually, it was ranked as one of the best vape pen years ago. From that point forward, a few organizations have impersonated their unique design while they concentrated on improving the Puffco Plus model. They produced vape pens for grievance vape pen users. The rods of this vape pen is wrapped in cheap metal wires and they are not held together by glue. The ceramic chamber of this vape enables you to appreciate the full flavor of your concentrates while exhaling huge clouds of clean vapor.

Cost: $99.99


Advantages: This vape pen is known to be the all-time best vaporizer for a few reasons. The Puffco Plus gives you a comfortable experience while in your pocket. The Puffco gives you a sleek and consistent hit even without water. You have to appropriately time the cooldown with your nail and torch so that your dabs don’t become harsh. There are two methods of using it: sesh mode and normal mode. Sesh mode enables you to gives you the ability to or a similar you would with some other vape pen. Sesh mode permits you to take longer draws endure in contrast to normal mode.

Our most loved part is the dart which is joined to the mouthpiece which plays the role of a carb cap, tool and splash guard all in one. You won’t have to worry about wax getting on your lips. Moreover, you won’t need to bear a sticky and smelly device. The ceramic dart of the Puffco remains hidden and contained when connected to the atomizer.

Disadvantages: It can become really hot especially when you use it continuously. The Battery drains fast, however, it also provides you with fast charging.

Why We Like It: It provides the largest vapor clouds together with the flavor of high-quality extracts.


PAX 3 — Pax Labs

PAX is known for making good vaporizers from the start. The Pax 3 is the most user-friendly vaporizer ever created. Their most recent invention can handle both dry herbs and concentrates in a compact device. It has a faster heat up time in contrast to previous generations. Pax 3 comes in a distinct color to match the style of anybody.

Cost: $249.99


Advantages: One of the simplest vaporizers to use. It comes with unique features that make it versatile and convenient. It has various mouthpiece alternatives and also two oven lids. One is intended for a half oven pack so you can utilize fewer herbs during single sessions. You can attach your Pax 3 to your telephone and modify the exact temperature. It takes about 20 seconds to heat up which makes it one of the top vaporizers in terms of heat up time. The Pax 3 takes both dry herbs and concentrates.

Disadvantages: It easily gets hot after using it for long.

Why We Like It: It is the most convenient vaporizer on our rundown.


Crafty — Storz and Bickel

Storz and Bickel is a well-known vaporizer brand since their invention of the Volcano desktop vaporizer. The Crafty easily gives you the vapor quality of the Volcano without the need of filling plastic packs that will need replacement in the long run at a lower price.

Cost: $279.99


Advantages: This gadget can be shared amongst individuals with no problems. As much as 4 people can use this device. Everybody will get a strong and delightful draw. Open airflow makes it easy to inhale. The vapor passes through a cooling chamber before arriving at your lungs. The crafty is suitable for people who love using both dry herbs and concentrates.

Disadvantages: It lacks a computerized screen. But, the temperature can easily be controlled using the Crafty App on any cell phone. It is heavier than other vaporizers on our list, however, it will still enter your pocket.

Why We Like It: It produces dense visible vapor and preserves the most flavor.



If you are looking for a vaporizer that will preserve weed or any other herb, there’s a vaporizer for everyone on our rundown of the best portable vaporizers.