The Quintessential Vaporizer_ A Dr. Dabber Brand Review

The Quintessential Vaporizer: A Dr. Dabber Brand Review

The vaporizer industry has a certain niche for folks who want the best cannabis experience and its where some of the most committed and dedicated cannabis consumers can be found. Brands like Dr. Dabber have managed to grab a foothold and capitalized on this niche to create a unique platform for the purists. Wax pen vaporizers have come into mainstream attention back when dabbing with dab rigs were considered a daunting task — well, they still are. Wax pen vaporizers were then seen as an alternative to what was a seemingly inconvenient task of getting high. Who wouldn’t be intimidated? Advanced and experienced dab enthusiasts assemble dab rigs with parts and pieces that are mostly composed of glassware and metal which will then be ignited by using a butane-based blow torch. It’s cool and scary at the same time, and young folks like myself saw wax pen vaporizers as an easier and less demanding way of consuming wax concentrates as opposed to dabbing with a torch.  


The Definitive Dab 

Like most modern-day companies, Dr. Dabber is a product from people who have searched high and low for the best wax pen vaporizers and have found nothing that meets their standards so they decided to make one which ended up exceeding even the standards of wax critics and connoisseurs. That’s the reason behind Dr. Dabber’s success and what makes their loyal followers know that the Dr. Dabber brand is better than all that came before it. Dr. Dabber is one of the most innovative vaporizer manufacturers which specializes in bringing together technology and functionality. Their expertise in this area of research and development is apparent in their products like the Dr. Dabber Aurora — an award-winning wax pen vaporizer. The Aurora is Dr. D’s prized wax pen vaporizer which won them 6 awards from the prestigious High Times Magazine Award back in 2016. 

  • Dr. Dabber Aurora + Ghost – “Best Packaging/Kit” – High Times Magazine 2016 
  • Dr. Dabber Aurora – “Best Innovation” – High Times Magazine 2016 
  • Dr. Dabber Aurora – “Best Stealth” – High Times Magazine 2016 
  • Dr. Dabber Aurora – “Best Taste” – High Times Magazine 2016 
  • Dr. Dabber Aurora – “Best Durability” – High Times Magazine 2016 


The Dr. Dabber Aurora is the perfect example of unconventional design and engineering and is the ideal model of what a wax pen vaporizer should be. Dr. Dabber vaporizers are considered some of the best in the industry, with cutting-edge tech like their Titanium Technology. By using Grade 4 titanium components in some of their products like the Dr. Dabber Ghost, Ghost Ceramic, Light, Globe, and Glass atomizer coils, Dr. Dabber was able to create vaporizers that generate that perfect heat level for that sought-after low-temperature dabs. Not only does Dr. D’s Titanium Technology capable of low-temp dabs, it also allows them to build wax pen vaporizers with high resistance setups allowing users to use vaporizers that are fast heating that yields dense clouds with extremely flavorful vapors. You can also say that Dr. Dabber vaporizer is one of the safest options in portable vaping, by using titanium coils which maintain the ideal temperature while you vape, Dr. Dabber vaporizers ensure that your materials are heated evenly and steadily without reaching the point of combustion. Saving you from inhaling burnt material which may otherwise cause hazardous and harmful effects to your body making them an easy choice for people who are looking for the best wax pen vaporizer. 


Dedication and Innovation 

Dr. Dabber’s latest offering, the Switch, only proves their ingenuity and only cements their name as the leader in vaping innovation. The Dr. Dabber Switch brings to the table what no other vaporizer has ever done before. The Switch is dubbed as the world’s first induction powered e-rig, it’s arguably the fastest heating vaporizer and can easily beat some of today’s top-shelf brands making the Switch the best wax vaporizer of 2018. Like most Dr. Dabber vaporizers, the Switch is a purpose-built device, a product of Dr. D’s market analysis giving them the necessary information which lets them adjust and modify their products to satisfy their customers. That’s why Dr. D always seems to be ahead of the game, ahead of everybody else. Dr. Dabber seems to always know what you want and what you don’t, applying that knowledge and using it to create some of the best vaporizers some of us never knew we needed.  

Dr. Dabber has perfected their craft, and who knows what the future holds for Dr. D? All I know is that Dr. Dabber Vaporizers are the best wax vaporizers of 2018 and will continue to remain atop the industry’s list. Currently, their vaporizers are featured in some of the most popular online media platforms like Maxim, Touch of Modern, Vice, Men’s Health, BuzzFeed, Highsnobiety, Forbes, Complex, The Chive, and MarketWatch. Their vaporizers are considered as a cut above the average wax pen vaporizer, and are all the more reinforced as Dr. Dabber continues to shape their label as more than just a vaporizer brand but as a lifestyle brand with apparels ranging from shirts, hoodies, tank tops, caps, beanies, sunglasses, drawstring bags, and even cruiser skateboards. Dr. Dabber customers can now express their love for the brand in fashion.  


Aftermarket Support 

Dr. Dabber has focused on probably one of the most important facets of the business, aftermarket support. Knowing that you’re backed up with strong customer support you’re almost assured that you’re going to get all the help you need, from warranty registration to warranty claims, the friendly customer service staff of Dr. Dabber will help you experience a seamless experience from shopping to after sales support. Dr. Dabber says they want “customers for life.” They’re a company that’s not only out there to sell wax pen vaporizers but to grow and develop a community of wax concentrate consumers. Not only is Dr. Dabber dedicated to the growth and expansion of their fanbase but they’re also devoted to the overall success of the cannabis industry.